Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bright Lights

So, after making a huge deal about blogging again, I lose my internet connection and have to wait, y'know, 'she always says she'll do it but never does.... yatter yatter yatter'

I've finally arrived in London, I moved yesterday morning at an ungodly hour and had a relatively smooth trip down. However fate being fate everything conspired against me... So instead of a blissful afternoon shopping Oxford Street in the September sun, it was a sweaty tube ride, too many OPR fans and my first experience of Westfield (FYI shopping centres are not for me).

I don't really have anything of interest to show for my days work other than a few instagram shots- I'm more focussed on getting settled and hanging my clothes up in my wardrobe, before inviting you inside it.

Anyhoo, going for Sunday brunch and stroll through Covent Garden today and cracking on with my VM project (post to follow) so no doubt ill have some nice things to share over the next few days!

From top; making a little part of the chaos in my room pretty- the most sweetest smelling rose I've ever had, vintage vanity case with all my jewellery in and the LFW Daily, the glass ceiling in old King's X when I arrived, lush skyline as the dawn broke after leaving Leeds, my feet at 5.30am waiting for the train- thank god for my trusty Zara bag taking everything I need!

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