Thursday, 6 September 2012

Welcome To The Greatest Show On Earth

Ive been blogging for nigh on a couple of years now, and every now and then i get a little fed up and call it quits. I did the very same about 6 months back now, and since then my head has been over run with thoughts and pretty dresses so here I am all over again...

It seems a good reason now more than ever as so much is about to change. After dreaming it for years, I'm finally leaving for the big City lights. This September (in a couple of days actually, eek!) I'm relocating (yes, relocating as these mature types say) to London to study Fashion Buying at London College of Fashion. I'm beyond excited-  Ive always been a country girl with big dreams, and this has been one ever since I can remember.

Whilst I'm leaving a lot behind, I know I'm on the verge of something special. Let me share my adventure with you....

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