Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Yesterday morning was spent buried in line sheets and range plans, so it seemed only fair I spend yesterday afternoon indulging in a good bit of procrastination and making the most of the early afternoon sun. 

 This Zara Coat (similar here) has worked out as a real hero piece in my wardrobe; an oversized belted style with narrow lapels. Here, I've worn it with a simple black Equipment silk t-shirt (Net-A-Porter), black leather pants (Topshop), snakeskin courts and several cashmere jumpers I've stolen from my mum over the years... (sorry mum!)

I walked around my favourite parts of Shoreditch, stopping off by the florist to grab these gorgeous tulips to brighten up my apartment. And thankfully made it home before the down pour!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Japanese, If You Please

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Now that we have some semblance of blue skies, I'm turning my thoughts to my summer wardrobe. Enter this stunning kimono dress by Topshop Boutique. Marking the jungle prints and white trends nicely, the silhouette is stunning, structural but not too boxy. I'm going to style it as a cover up with leather trousers and court shoes now and belted with bare legs and plimsols as soon as I can brave the temperatures (I'm northern, so that will be much sooner than you think...)

Street style from Paris Fashion Week 2013 (Tumblr). Relaxed and effortlessly chic. Definitely the cover up of choice for 2014. Roll on payday, and above zero temperatures!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pumped Up Kicks

The It Girls wardrobe staple for months now, the humble trainer saw its latest reincarnation in the form of Chanel Couture the day before yesterday. Whilst the majority of the fash pack (and the entirety of east London) are content to rock Nike Air and New Balance, Mr Lagerfeld upped the game introducing bejewelled sneakers worn by every single model on the catwalk.

In a crash course in Couture 101, Chanel have firmly placed the trainer on the fashion map. Referencing old school styling paired with diaphanous chiffon, tulle and tweed ensembles, these truly pumped up glittery kicks had every editor talking.

So is this the next big hype in footwear, or just a passing craze? It looks like the glam trainer has firmly cemented is reputation as the next big thing. Isabel Marant Wedge who?!

Handmade by Chanels legendary master Ateliers, these beauties will set you back upwards of £2700, however, there are plenty of more purse (and gym) friendly alternatives kicking around the high street:
Kurt Geiger- Londres Slip on £85 go skate friendly on dress down fridays with KG's Vans inspired slip on. Vulcanized rubber sole and leather upper means it rainy day friendly too. 

Nike Air Max 1 from £95- The ultimate classic and fully customisable with Nike ID. Low top, air cushioned sole and performance built without letting your style kudos down. Everyone from Cara Delevingne to Barack Obama has been seen in various incarnations. 

Eytys Mother £90-£140- cult scandi brand just arrived in the UK available at Dover Street market and LNCC. Converse you say? Almost. Like the old faithful Chuck Taylor, Eytys have redesigned the plimsol for uber desirability. Fully unisex the style is made in canvas, suede and leather in a handful of colour options and is very much numero uno on my wish list right now!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What's the Story

I had to share these beautiful images from the other week. I was lucky enough to find myself having breakfast at Aqua Shard on one of the only clear days we've had during 2014. 

Not only was the food incredible (not that you'd expect any less, those of you who've visited sister restaurants Aqua Nueva/Kyoto in Central) but a view like that, especially when you're feeling a little bit down can make all the difference.

Happy 2014, to many more glorious London mornings like these.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


At the start of the year I lost my Nana, and regardless of conventionality it would only be right for me to pay tribute to the woman who unknowingly inspired me.

You taught me three things in life;

To always wear lipstick
Always wear heels
And most importantly, always stand for what I believe and to never let anyone tell me otherwise.

Because of this, I find myself on the brink of achieving my dreams, and utterly devastated that my beautiful grandmother will never know how much she meant and will never see the next milestones in my life.

 However, I take solace in the legacy she left me, namely photographs of her at my age, an intransient beauty I can only long to replicate. These tiny, grainy black and white images are something I value beyond belief, physical proof of true love and true happiness. 


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Another Girl

....Another Planet by The Only Ones. This song goes round and round in my head every time I find myself travelling. I've been back and forward London to Leeds more times than I care to think about recently.

However, I've always been one to shun convention, and 3 hour northbound journey seems ample time to break in a new pair of courts right?! And the courts totally excuse the fact I'm wearing sweatpants.

Coat- Topshop Unique (old season)
Vest- Zoe  Karssen
Clutch- ASOS
Trackpants- Alexander Wang
Courts- Topshop
Jewellery- vintage silver and mother of pearl cuffs

Friday, 10 January 2014

Some Nights

Ever feel like the more promises you make, the more you end up breaking? Not consciously of course, accidentally, always. These past 6 months have been beyond hectic for me, and in course I've found myself absolutely burnt out.

At a point I gave serious consideration from walking away from my blog; when all the hours I seemed to have in the day were consumed with work/drama/blaaaah etc. But although it distressed me that my baby Paper Lashes has been hideously unattended and left to fall apart, the idea of leaving something I have thrown myself into distressed me more.

So, this time no promises; no deadlines of twice daily posting, and dictating I must be a better blogger, but just something casual, things maybe i've appreciated that someone, somewhere might too.