Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Riot Grrl

The early part of Monday morning started the same boring way it usually does, hating on my alarm and trying to get back to sleep, before i realised I actually had a million things to do. I started my new job yesterday afternoon (a Hobb's store in Islington on a lovely leafy high street) and enrolled on my course with LCF. The last thing I expected was to find myself 2nd row at a LFW show after the most extraordinary amount of blagging and good luck!

After meeting a friend for dinner in Carnaby Street we headed over to Covent Garden to check out the Fashionista's milling around Freemasons Hall before Pam Hogg's show, and ended up sweet talking our way into press passes and invites for the show through a PR company. Its the most exciting twist of fate as we never expected it would work! BIG thanks to the girl that turned a blind eye to our names not being on the list....

The show itself was amazing, Pam Hogg is a true revolutionary- she does that anarchistic feel way better than Westwood ever did and since designing for Lady Mary Charteris and Cheryl Cole she's gained a slew of followers. Whilst wandering around backstage before the show we literally ran into her, absolutely tiny with glowing yellow hair wearing a Disney print T-shirt and teetering wedges. The collection theme was Save Our Souls and all the invites were printed with SOS. It opened with banged barely clad models morphing into space age type warriors in neon catsuits. It reminded me of 40's nurses uniforms and air hostess' but updated and sexualised. The catsuits then turned to tulle and sequins before finally two stunning black dresses, one worn by Alice Dellal who opened the show made of sculpted netting with crinoline style skirts. AMAZING.


  1. So jealous you went to this - wish I had! So amazing.
    Love your blog so far missus :)

    1. SO glad you like it! Hopefully the first of many fashion week adventures whoo xx