Friday, 7 February 2014

Like A Boy

Never one to get too easily excitable about a 'celebrity' fashion line, or models trying their hands at playing designer, I was over the moon last night to see the preview shots of Title A, a capsule collection  of menswear influenced separates and nonchalant dresses for girls who like to wear boys clothes designed by none other than Agyness Deyn.

Aggy has always been my #1 model girl, and probably the reason I ever cut my long hair off, there is just something so effortless and devil may care about her personal style. Something you long to replicate but can never seem to, until now....

Launching in March, the line features androgynous tailoring, simple 90esque shift dresses in velvet cotton and jacquard and the classic white tee.

Title A is available exclusively from launching in march, prices £63+


Just after getting back into the swing of things in the blogsphere, I find myself being mugged. Frustrating is an understatement. Thank god they only took my phone (counting my blessings for my health and happiness), but after the initial shock of what happened had worn off I found myself absolutely livid that some vile excuse for a human being had actually made an impact on my life.

It also made me realise how technology dependant we are; this past week I've been very aware that my connection to social media is decreasing, and while I'm starting to enjoy that break, friends and colleagues are getting frustrated, how post iPhone, I'm not that easy to reach.

Its a shame too that I've had some really interesting things going on this week which I would have loved to have shared on Paper Lashes, but without a camera to do so, it doesn't seem the same...

So, I'm going to make the most of my iPhone free time, concentrate on my deadlines and enjoy the moment, rather than living life through a phone screen.

In the mean time, check my Tumblr. Full of inspiration, street style and obligatory cute animals.