Monday, 12 August 2013

Scarlet Fever

Topshop Beauty SS'13

Its rare, that a cup of weak sugarless tea can inspire a blog post, or rather the lipstick stain upon it, but thats exactly whats happened.

After spending the past few weeks of glorious sunshine in London and some shameless sun bed sessions (forgive me alabaster skin, for I have sinned) I have found myself with what I can only describe as a surprise tan and a multitude of freckles.... And now the dismal english summer has returned I'm finding myself pulling every trick in the beauty book to hold onto my 'fresh back from holiday' glow.

Enter Chanel Rouge Allure. Shade no 97 to be precise. 

I picked this SOS shade up in Paris, back in February while running around Chanel like a child in sweet shop. It was matched perfectly to the colouring of my skin (orangey base tones) so works a treat on this little tan of mine. 

Im keeping my skin as light as possible, and sweeping a layer of dark bronzer under my cheeks, my eyes defined with mascara only and a strong brow. It means the lip colour can really pop and I look fresh and healthy, something thats always hard to do on the 7.28am from Leeds to Kings Cross.

Im heading back into London as we speak after visiting family up North (I'm a country girl don't ya know) and this week is shaping up to be pretty hectic already which I cant wait to share!

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