Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hurricane Drunk

Oh. My. Days. Another week gone in the blink of an eye! Ive got up to so much this past week I don't even know where to begin! Faaar too many nights out to mention and far too much $$ spent. I wonder what happened to the overly generous drink buying guys of last week...  However, I digress, as I am a Fashion Blogger not a Social so i must play nice. I also need to play catch up with my blogging so please bear with me if things are a little out of synch!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wreaking Ball Gown

I think the highlight (one of two) of last week for me was a trip to the V&A. Ever since my first visit years ago I've been under its spell. Like my own refuge filled with tranquil beautiful surprises. I usually go alone, as the amount of time I spend in the Costume Court tends to bore particularly those of the opposite sex into an early grave, but this week I went with my flatmates. Makes a change from getting pissed in a warehouse eh? We went to go see 'Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950'  which has been running for the past few months. Sponsored by Coutts and whole host of Fashion players it promised couture delights. Downstairs, other than a few classics by Norman Hartnell it was a bit sterile... Upstairs (and far more secluded seeing as this was a paying exhibit) I was in heaven; sleek white mannequins with elongated limbs and jutting hips stood atop oversized babbles and astride crystal chandeliers in the most stunning and eclectic mix of gowns I have ever seen! This was true glamour, including Daphne Guinness' iconic feather Alexander McQueen dress, a face veiling chain mail Gareth Pugh creation and a diaphanous striped silk Amanda Wakely maxi which floated lightly in the air each time someone walked past. Here are some photos I was cheeky enough to take inside, sorry Mr Chinese security man!  Apologies for the lack of focus, it turns out photography was prohibited.

My other, ahem, Fashion related highlight was meeting the lovely Henry Holland in Mahiki on Tuesday! Since moving to London I've visited Mahiki twice and loved it, the atmosphere is so great. Me and Kimberley went to see him DJ and ended up having a bit of chatter with him,  including comparing my quiff with his! Banter aside, I can genuinely say he's one of the nicest people I've met in Fashion and definitely goes to number one on the list of Fashionistas I've met and liked!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend

The last bare legs day of the season?
gorgeous jewellery from Maria Francesca Pepe
Linda Farrow Sunglasses on sale
Charity Auction Pieces
Viktor and Rolf Shoes
The Cambridge Satchel Company
Vintage Stalls
Goodies from my Showbag
Favourite Freebies incl. Triumph and Label M

I went the opening night of London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House with my girls from the course last night. Despite a veery heavy night before I still managed to have an awesome time and its the first time I've visited the beautiful Somerset House which was sort of surreal after a life time of seeing it in fashion magazines finally being there. The catwalk show itself was a bit of a disappointment, technical difficulties included, but I think thats down to personal taste. However I loved the Kat Maconie shoes all the models were wearing.

The rest of the event was far better- we has such a laugh with Diet Coke in the Jean Paul Gaultier photo booth and got kitted out good a proper with Triumph Lingerie. Lots of smaller Designers had stalls there including my fave Zoe Karssen, so anyone who knows me knows  I was in T-shirt heaven! The goodie bags are worth a mention too- I've heard a lot of grumbling along the grapevine about the price of the 'Showbag' but actually it was really reasonable considering the amount of products inside: A good size miniature of Label M sea salt spray, aluminium JPG bottles of Diet Coke, cute pink Frenchies from Triumph, a variety of Estee Lauder products and lots of discounts and coupons. Did someone say recessionista?!

Symphony in Beige

Spoils from my lunch in Covent Garden, I'm always so easily seduced by the little things and the Chanel pop up store proved to be no exception! Such a perfect colour, it goes with everything and looks great with a tan, which is my excuse for spending my weeks food budget in there...

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Riot Grrl

The early part of Monday morning started the same boring way it usually does, hating on my alarm and trying to get back to sleep, before i realised I actually had a million things to do. I started my new job yesterday afternoon (a Hobb's store in Islington on a lovely leafy high street) and enrolled on my course with LCF. The last thing I expected was to find myself 2nd row at a LFW show after the most extraordinary amount of blagging and good luck!

After meeting a friend for dinner in Carnaby Street we headed over to Covent Garden to check out the Fashionista's milling around Freemasons Hall before Pam Hogg's show, and ended up sweet talking our way into press passes and invites for the show through a PR company. Its the most exciting twist of fate as we never expected it would work! BIG thanks to the girl that turned a blind eye to our names not being on the list....

The show itself was amazing, Pam Hogg is a true revolutionary- she does that anarchistic feel way better than Westwood ever did and since designing for Lady Mary Charteris and Cheryl Cole she's gained a slew of followers. Whilst wandering around backstage before the show we literally ran into her, absolutely tiny with glowing yellow hair wearing a Disney print T-shirt and teetering wedges. The collection theme was Save Our Souls and all the invites were printed with SOS. It opened with banged barely clad models morphing into space age type warriors in neon catsuits. It reminded me of 40's nurses uniforms and air hostess' but updated and sexualised. The catsuits then turned to tulle and sequins before finally two stunning black dresses, one worn by Alice Dellal who opened the show made of sculpted netting with crinoline style skirts. AMAZING.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bright Lights

So, after making a huge deal about blogging again, I lose my internet connection and have to wait, y'know, 'she always says she'll do it but never does.... yatter yatter yatter'

I've finally arrived in London, I moved yesterday morning at an ungodly hour and had a relatively smooth trip down. However fate being fate everything conspired against me... So instead of a blissful afternoon shopping Oxford Street in the September sun, it was a sweaty tube ride, too many OPR fans and my first experience of Westfield (FYI shopping centres are not for me).

I don't really have anything of interest to show for my days work other than a few instagram shots- I'm more focussed on getting settled and hanging my clothes up in my wardrobe, before inviting you inside it.

Anyhoo, going for Sunday brunch and stroll through Covent Garden today and cracking on with my VM project (post to follow) so no doubt ill have some nice things to share over the next few days!

From top; making a little part of the chaos in my room pretty- the most sweetest smelling rose I've ever had, vintage vanity case with all my jewellery in and the LFW Daily, the glass ceiling in old King's X when I arrived, lush skyline as the dawn broke after leaving Leeds, my feet at 5.30am waiting for the train- thank god for my trusty Zara bag taking everything I need!

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Welcome To The Greatest Show On Earth

Ive been blogging for nigh on a couple of years now, and every now and then i get a little fed up and call it quits. I did the very same about 6 months back now, and since then my head has been over run with thoughts and pretty dresses so here I am all over again...

It seems a good reason now more than ever as so much is about to change. After dreaming it for years, I'm finally leaving for the big City lights. This September (in a couple of days actually, eek!) I'm relocating (yes, relocating as these mature types say) to London to study Fashion Buying at London College of Fashion. I'm beyond excited-  Ive always been a country girl with big dreams, and this has been one ever since I can remember.

Whilst I'm leaving a lot behind, I know I'm on the verge of something special. Let me share my adventure with you....