Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wreaking Ball Gown

I think the highlight (one of two) of last week for me was a trip to the V&A. Ever since my first visit years ago I've been under its spell. Like my own refuge filled with tranquil beautiful surprises. I usually go alone, as the amount of time I spend in the Costume Court tends to bore particularly those of the opposite sex into an early grave, but this week I went with my flatmates. Makes a change from getting pissed in a warehouse eh? We went to go see 'Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950'  which has been running for the past few months. Sponsored by Coutts and whole host of Fashion players it promised couture delights. Downstairs, other than a few classics by Norman Hartnell it was a bit sterile... Upstairs (and far more secluded seeing as this was a paying exhibit) I was in heaven; sleek white mannequins with elongated limbs and jutting hips stood atop oversized babbles and astride crystal chandeliers in the most stunning and eclectic mix of gowns I have ever seen! This was true glamour, including Daphne Guinness' iconic feather Alexander McQueen dress, a face veiling chain mail Gareth Pugh creation and a diaphanous striped silk Amanda Wakely maxi which floated lightly in the air each time someone walked past. Here are some photos I was cheeky enough to take inside, sorry Mr Chinese security man!  Apologies for the lack of focus, it turns out photography was prohibited.

My other, ahem, Fashion related highlight was meeting the lovely Henry Holland in Mahiki on Tuesday! Since moving to London I've visited Mahiki twice and loved it, the atmosphere is so great. Me and Kimberley went to see him DJ and ended up having a bit of chatter with him,  including comparing my quiff with his! Banter aside, I can genuinely say he's one of the nicest people I've met in Fashion and definitely goes to number one on the list of Fashionistas I've met and liked!

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