Monday, 19 November 2012


Carine, and her vision of French Vogue, embodies all that the world likes to think of as Parisian style: a sense of chic that's impeccable and sometimes idiosyncratic and which forever lives on a moonlit street as seen through the lens of Helmut Newton."--Anna Wintour

After spending nigh on 8 hours in the library today I was practically delirious with joy to discover Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld on the bottom shelf of returned books. As many of you know or  guess Roitfeld is one of my Icons, she epitomises rock 'n roll Parisienne glamour in a way like no other.  I envy everything about the way she dresses... secretly, every no-bra-silk-shirt and leather trouser look is dedicated to her. 

Irreverent charts Roitfelds career in French Vogue from the early 90's through to the present day and comprises some of the most stunning editorials I have ever seen. As Karl Lagerfeld puts it, 'if you close your eyes and imagine the ideal French woman, it would be Carine Roitfeld. She is a fashion visionary and a muse...'

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