Saturday, 17 November 2012

H&M x Maison Martin Margiela

I braved the cold and the queues on Thursday to go to the launch of H&M x Maison Martin Margiela. After missing the Versace launch in Leeds and kicking myself for a about three months solid after this was too good to miss. Since moving down I think my taste has changed quite a bit and MMM reflects that; dark block colours and loose silken shapes.

This seems to be one of the most sought after H&M collaborations yet, so despite getting to White City at 8.20am I didn't get through the doors until gone 10am. I was lusting after the silver clutch but with only x10 per store that was a pipe dream. These are just a few Instagram shots of what i saw.

waaah apologies for the lack of coherent posting of late, I'm drowning under a sea of unwritten essays and coat presentations.....

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