Thursday, 16 January 2014


At the start of the year I lost my Nana, and regardless of conventionality it would only be right for me to pay tribute to the woman who unknowingly inspired me.

You taught me three things in life;

To always wear lipstick
Always wear heels
And most importantly, always stand for what I believe and to never let anyone tell me otherwise.

Because of this, I find myself on the brink of achieving my dreams, and utterly devastated that my beautiful grandmother will never know how much she meant and will never see the next milestones in my life.

 However, I take solace in the legacy she left me, namely photographs of her at my age, an intransient beauty I can only long to replicate. These tiny, grainy black and white images are something I value beyond belief, physical proof of true love and true happiness. 


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